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The excitement at Gan Izzy is tangible on a daily basis.
Our programming is a combination of Gan Izzy classics and NEW exciting happenings!
Below is a list of traditional Gan Izzy activities as well as NEW programming for summer 2017!



Gan Izzy Late Night, Shabbat Family Dinner, Goodbye CGI - End of Summer Farewell Party, Friday Shabbat Parties and Camp Shows, Shabbat Sleepover and fantastic field trips all over the LA area are traditions that campers look forward to year after year.

NEW for Summer 2017 

Knott's Berry Farm
Enjoy fun-filled camp days at Knott's Berry Farm!
Let Knott’s be the playground for a day. With over 150 rides, shows and attractions in four themed areas, fun for all ages. Campers will enjoy the excitement and thrills of our local theme parks and bring along our signature camp spirit!
 This will be an extended day at camp.

Gan Izzy Camping Sleepover
This summer we will venture out to beautiful camping grounds in Malibu and sleep under the stars for a night. 

Gaga Ball Pit 
GaGa Ball is a game that incorporates the skills necessary for sports success and athletic development, but is conducted in a fun and easy way that all can enjoy. GaGa Ball levels out the playing field and the most athletic children do not win every game enabling every child the chance to win!  GaGa Ball provides a fun way to develop skills that can be applied to other sports. It incorporates agility, dodging, jumping and striking. This provides great exercise, as players must continually move to avoid being hit by the ball. Strategy, luck, finesse and even teamwork are important components to GaGa Ball. This allows children, who struggle in more traditional sports, to excel at GaGa Ball; while promoting physical activity.  Gan Izzy will have an on site Gaga Ball pit this summer!  

Bring a Friend Day...x3!
Did you ever want to bring your friends to camp to show them all the fun we're having? This summer you can! Three Fridays in Gan Izzy will be Bring-a-Friend Day! Bring your friends along and have a blast!
See calendar for details.

Please see calendar for more details!